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In a sheltered valley location, this populair site has a fair number of permanent units but there is usually space for tourists. The main building houses the busy reception, cafè, bar and the main sanitary facilities. A smaller sanitary unit serves the touring area. These provide good number of British WC’s mostly open washbasins, but rather fewer hot shower non payment. Hot water is also non payment for diswashing and laundry. There are 140 grassy pitches of 100 sq.m. on sloping grond either side of a central road with speed bumps. Baker calls at 8.30 am daily in season. Ther are plenty of sporting activities in high season.

Close to the world-famous racing circuit at Spa-Francorchamps, in the north of the Belgian Ardennes, you'll find the environmentally-friendly l'Eau Rouge campsite. You can camp here on a camping pitch, or in rental accommodation. The campsite is an excellent starting point for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. Jump into the saddle and take a trip to the nearby town of Spa, where the historical grandeur is still there to be admired.

L'Eau Rouge campsite is just outside the town of Stavelot. The campsite is in a green, forested area, and on the banks of the river Eau Rouge. Good to know: at the nearby racing circuit, there's a challenging curvy part of the track which is named after the river, and so the Eau Rouge is world famous in racing circles.

Franka and Frank have been the owners since 1998. As soon as they took over, they placed the emphasis on camping pitches over fixed (annual) pitches. You can also rent a luxurious mobile home, which offers you every possible creature comfort.

There is a new, heated, but energy-efficient swimming pool. The pool is sixteen metres long, six metres wide, 1.45 metres deep and the water doesn't contain chlorine. On the water, there's a solar cover that absorbs heat from the sun and transmits it to the water. As well as the panel, they use a heat pump. This pump gets warmth from the air, and transmits it, five times as strong into the water. If you want to go swimming and the solar cover is still closed, you can open it easily at the push of a button.

The campsite is known for its facilities and activities for skilled and beginner archers. Use your stay at the campsite to discover if you have a talent for this sport. In the peak season, there are lessons for children and adults twice a day. Who will be the new William Tell?

Courtesy of Ian Chicken