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A Brief History of the Track itself.

Well before it became a gathering place for motor racing enthusiasts, the Mount was an important part of the local Wiradjuri tribe's culture. The Mount was called ‘Waluu', which means ‘to watch over' and it was from the vantage points now known as Skyline & McPhillamy Park that the young Wiradjuri men would watch over their land and the movements of travellers to and from the valley.

Mount Panorama began as a dirt-track/tourist-drive carved out of the bald hills around the bustling city of Bathurst in the mid 1930s. The Council of the time, specifically Mayor Martin Griffin, had a vision for a premier motor racing circuit with the sharp hills, hairpin bends and a fast downhill straight that would inspire awe and demand respect from all who took up the challenge for years to come. Strong support from the New South Wales Light Car Club, Auto Cycle Union and the Federal Government, through a national employment relief scheme, saw this vision become a reality. On 17 March 1938 Mayor Martin Griffin declared the Mount Panorama Scenic Drive open. He always knew that the road was going to be used for motor racing but Depression Era funds weren't easy to come by, so he had to create a ruse. At Easter 1938 the first races were held and except for the war (WWII), have been run ever since.

Mount Panorama is indisputably a Mecca for motor racing fans all over Australia and around the world. On 16 April 1938, Mount Panorama attracted an overwhelming 20,000 spectators to its first race, The Australian Tourist Trophy.

The Pits - Early YearsPhotographs of the early days of racing on Mount Panorama show the crowd leaning over wire fences, vehicles on dirt tracks, officials in canvas tents, and drivers with gloves, goggles and jacket, but no helmet. The facilities at Mount Panorama were non-existent during this time, with nothing more than dirt and some lines marking out a pit space for each car.

Of more recent times, Mount Panorama has undergone some serious refurbishment to ensure the legacy of this icon lives on for generations to come. The spiritual home of Australian motorsport has been well and truly established through the staging of 46 consecutive Bathurst 1000 races (formerly 500). The Mount has seen drivers come and drivers go, with few ever completely dominating the merciless curves and unforgiving straights. In 2006, 194,000 spectators turned out not only to witness Craig Lowndes edge out Rick Kelly for his 2nd Bathurst title, but also to farewell one of the best racing car drivers Australia has ever produced - Peter Brock, King of the Mountain. Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup are so far the only drivers to win the new Peter Brock trophy, winning all three Bathurst 1000 races since its introduction.

April 2022

Mt Panorama in Bathurst, NSW, now has a dual name which recognises the Wiradjuri history of the area.

The decision came after the Bathurst Local Aboriginal Land Council successfully applied to the Geographical Names Board to include the mountain’s Wiradjuri name, Wahluu.

According to Bathurst LALC, Wahluu means sacred place – a men’s initiation site.

The creation story tells of how Wiradjuri Warrior Wahluu was killed by his older brother in a dispute over a migay (young woman). Wahluu fell to the ground and blood spilled into the ground, making Biame (God) angry. Biame made the volcano erupt and lava spewed over Wahluu’s body which is now the shape of the mountain today.

Courtesy: Mount Panorama.
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Bathurst and Mount Panorama are located roughly 2.5 hours west of Sydney. The fastest route is through the Blue Mountains on the Great Western Highway.Bathurst also has a direct route to the ACT via Cowra and Boorowa. It takes around 3.5 hours to get to Canberra.

N.B: Please note that the Blue Mountains do become busier during weekends, especially Sunday afternoons heading back to Sydney. At the end of the Race on Sunday, the roads are so packed that it can take up to 5 hours to return to Sydney.


Bathurst has a medium-sized regional airport located at the outlying suburb of Raglan, roughly 10 minutes from the Bathurst CBD. Regional Express (or REX) services Bathurst twice daily. Flight time is approximately 40mins depending on weather.

Local buses and taxis are available to ferry passengers to a desired location. The airport also has rent-a-car companies based there for those booking a hire car for the duration of their stay.

Regional Express website


Countrylink has daily XPT trains to Bathurst from Sydney Central with selected stops in between. Travel time is approximately 3.5 hours.

CityRail has a daily return service (Bathurst Bullet) from Sydney to Bathurst. Trains also travel to Lithgow numerous times during the day, and passengers can book to continue to Bathurst via Coach. Prior bookings for coaches are essential and seats do fill up.

Both train and coaches stop at the Bathurst Railway Station, located at the bottom of Keppel Street. Local buses and taxi are available ferry passengers to a desired location.

Countrylink website

CityRail website


Australia Wide Coaches has a daily bus that travels to and from Sydney. The coach originates in neighbouring Orange, and does require passengers to pre-book their seats for collection in Bathurst. Travel time is approximately 3.5 hours.

Australia Wide Coaches website

Orange (1 hours away), Lithgow (45mins away), Oberon (45mins away) or Blayney (30mins away). Mudgee is about 1hour 40mins away.
Personally, I wouldn't like to be driving the Sofala road at 2am dodging all the wild life to make the 5:30am start.

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Visitor Information.

The lower half of the track is very accessible, with mostly asphalt and concrete around, there is an elevator on the outside of the circuit at the main gantry at start/finish and there is another elevator behind the pits in between towers 2 and 3. it also has access to the roof for spectating. There are multiple accessible toilets around too, some under the main grandstand and some at the base of the towers behind the pits

Courtesy: Cameron Shaw

Woolworths 121 Howick St, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia +61 2 6330 8004
Woolworths 210 Howick St, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia +61 2 6330 8007
Coles 47 William St, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia +61 2 6334 6200
Aldi 128 Russell St, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia

CS Mechanical 2/45 Upfold Street, Gormans Hill, NSW 2795 +61 2 6331 9001 csmechanical@live.com.au
Westend Auto Repairs 2 Lambert Street Bathurst, NSW 2795 +61 2 6331 2920 Contact Us
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Metro Petroleum 45 Bant Street, Crn, Rocket St, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia +61 2 6334 3552
Caltex 53 Durham St, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia +61 2 6332 4163
Caltex Woolworths 74 Bentinck St, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia +61 2 6529 0002
BP 255-257 Stewart St, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia +61 2 6332 4499
Shell 298 Stewart St, Rocket St, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia +61 2 6331 2679

Rydges Mount Panorama Bathurst 1 Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama NSW 2795 +61
Abercrombie Motor Inn 362 Stewart Street, Bathurst NSW 2795 +61
Bathurst Explorers Motel 357 Stewart Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61 02 6331 2966
Bathurst Heritage Motor Inn 102 Stewart Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61 2 6334 3433
Bathurst Motor Inn 87 Durham Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61 2 6331 2222
Ben Chifley Motor Inn 272 Stewart Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61
Best Western Coachman's Inn Motel 1 Littlebourne Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61 2 6331 4855
Country Lodge Motor Inn 145 William Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61
Family Hotel 76 Bentinck Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61 2 6331 1353
Gold Panner Motor Inn 260 Sydney Road Bathurst NSW 2795 +61 2 6331 4444
Governor Macquarie Motor Inn 19 Charlotte Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61 2 6331 2211
Kings Hotel 60 George Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61 2 6331 1852
Panorama Bathurst 51 Durham Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61
Quality Hotel 344 Stewart Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61 2 6332 1800
The George Hotel 201 George Street Bathurst NSW 2795 +61 2 6331 3399