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  • Ian Chicken,
  • Sean Randall,
  • Tracey Randall,
  • Garry Quarterman,
  • Sean Cooney,
  • Scott Christie,
  • Matthew Pigg,
  • John Leister,
  • Morgan Leist,
  • David Edwards,
  • Geordi Vermeulen,
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    Establised: England Nov, 2018.

    Where Are We

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    All about Sportscar Worldwide

    We were started in 2018 as a forum and place to chat and discuss Sportscar, prototype and Endurance racing as a whole.

    The Facebook page is gathering a following from around the globe. It is and will be a go to place for all things Sportscar and its associated racing around the world.

    Sean and Tracey Randall together with Ian Chicken, Sean Cooney, David Edwards, Garry Quarterman and Geordi Vermuelen have worked hard to make this a going concern.

    June 2019 saw the group staff bring on board Scott Christie and John Leister, they will represent us in Australia/New Zealand and North America respectively.

    In August 2019, SCW became part of the Ginetta Fan initiative, a program to encourage new fans to the sport and to bring the teams and fan bases closer together

    With a web presence and social media (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr) its adding to the foot print the group has around the world.

    Owner of Sportscar Worldwide.

    Ian Chicken

    Social Media and Web Presence
    ian @ sportscarworldwide.com

    Sales Manager.

    Sean Randall

    Social Media Administrator & Sales
    sean.randall @ sportscarworldwide.com

    Site Administartor.

    Tracey Randall

    Social Media Administrator
    tracey.randall @ sportscarworldwide.com

    Site Administrator.

    Matthew Pigg

    Social Media Administrator
    matthew.pigg @ sportscarworldwide.com

    Site Administartor.

    Sean Cooney

    Social Media Administrator
    sean.cooney @ sportscarworldwide.com

    Australia/New Zealand Representative.

    Scott Christie

    Social Media Administrator, Representative
    scott.christie @ sportscarworldwide.com

    Site Administartor.

    Garry Quarterman

    Social Media Administrator
    garry.quarterman @ sportscarworldwide.com

    Site Moderator.

    David Edwards

    Social Media and Web Presence
    david.edwards @ sportscarworldwide.com

    Site Moderator.

    Geordi Vermeulen

    Blog Administrator
    geordi.vermeulen @ sportscarworldwide.com

    North America Representative.

    John Leister

    john.leister @ sportscarworldwide.com

    North America Representative.

    Morgan leist

    morgan.leist @ sportscarworldwide.com

    Contributions. A Thanks

  • Ian Chicken
  • Sean Randall
  • Steve Tarrant
  • Andrew Warnes
  • Lawrie Cooper
  • Nick Dunn
  • John Leister
  • Dan Rye
  • William Fordyce
  • Rick Buurman
  • Neil Pearce
  • Jeff Boehle
  • Robert Stephens
  • Alexander Surgeon
  • David Ralli
  • Guy Dyke-Price
  • Colin Brown
  • Stijn Claessens
  • John Thomson
  • Scott Christie
  • Daniel Chicken
  • Matthieu Desirant
  • Michael Sorenson
  • James Horne
  • Barry Hill
  • Gary Christmas
  • Dylan Barrett
  • Sean Cooney
  • Rick Nelson
  • Richard Figg
  • Gavin Small
  • Gareth Burgess
  • Stickeredup4Lemans
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