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Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport

This is a public airport 6.5 miles northeast of Brussels.

Brussels Airport is an international airport. In 2018, more than 25 million passengers arrived or departed at Brussels Airport, making it the 24th busiest airport in Europe.

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    Brussels Airport (BRU)

    Brussels Airport Train

    There is a train going from Brussels Zaventem Airport to Brussels Central Station every 10 minutes between 5am and midnight, 7 days a week. The ride takes 18 minutes and costs €12,70. However you will need to deal with public transport from the central station to your hotel. If you think you will not like that after a flight then consider the taxi option below.

    Normal metro tickets are not valid for travel on the airport line from Brussels airport to Brussels city. Therefore you have to buy special tickets. There are more options how to get them, but the easiest one is to book online and print. After arriving to the train platform in the basement of the airport terminal, scan the square QR code on the gate machine and you can then easily enter the train. Code must be printed on paper. It cannot be scanned from electronic screen. Use the reservation banner to reliably book your Brussels airport train seat.

    Brussels Airport Taxi

    There is not a distinctive taxi look and there are more taxi services operating. Some even unlicensed. So it is always unpredictable to go for a blind journey. The availability, price and person who drives you can be of all sorts. We always recommend the taxi service you can order online and where a tested driver picks you up with a name sign at arrival. It costs €85 per car and is available 24 hours every day. Use the reservation banner to reliably order this Brussels airport taxi.

    Brussels Airport Bus

    Every airport bus departs and arrives at the bus station at Level 0.

    The Airport Line is a public Brussels airport bus that takes you to the European district of Luxemburg and to the city centre. There are two buses: Line 12 and Line 21. Line 12 (operates Mon-Fri until 8pm) and only travels to main stations - the only metro stop is Schuman (EU Headquarters) and the last stop is Luxemburg station. Line 21 (operates after 8pm on weekdays and on weekends) has many more stops and ends at Hertog/Ducale, the metro stops are Schuman and Trone. The last stop is close to the city just outside the Royal Palace - 10 minutes walk from Brussels Centrale.

    De Lijn bus company operates regular Brussels airport to Brussels city center transfer service. And also to the regional areas of Brussels such as Leuven and Kortenberg. The bus 471 goes to and from Brussel-Nord station and takes 45 minutes. Number 659 takes you to and from metro station Roodebeek.

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