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Rated by many as the best ACO campsite, indications from the ticket agents certainly concur. Often booked a year in advance, few spaces remain and even then you are likely to pay double the ACO price to secure a pitch.

Houx is an 'inside' circuit nestled between the wilder Houx Annex and the luxurious Thomas Cook site. Direct waking routes to The Village and Dunlop Bridge taking around ten to fifteen minutes. Vehicle access off site, throughout.

Tram stop is around a 7 minute walk. Tickets from the machine or at the kiosk. Couple of euro's for a return ticket to Le Mans centre. The tram can also be used to visit the Carrefour market.

Pitches are a mixture of numbered and non-numbered. From what I can make out, the non-numbered seem to be the awkward pitches being shared with large trees. There is power on this site and whilst I'm told it is only for the numbered pitches, I imagine a splitter, an extension cable and a few beers would quickly see you hooked up. You'll need a standard UK camping blue 3 pin plug.

Three sets of facilities, one near the entrance, one at the South end near the burger vans and of course the infamous traditional French drop zone ones in the middle. Toilets and showers were kept clean. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to return my quilted double velvet home as the facilities were kept well stocked throughout the weekend.

There was a little stall at the entrance selling a few essentials and fresh baguettes. Whilst useful if you're caught short, I imagine priced at a considerably higher rate than the Carrefour up the road.

Security good, checking both vehicle and circuit tickets by barcode scan every time in or out, we did however have to deal with someone light fingered on the Saturday night. Always lock valuables in your car.

Finally, atmosphere Very experienced campers on Houx and seems to host some true Le Mans veterans. Being the only mains powered site, it allows some quite mind boggling camp setups. Expect to see fridge freezers, widescreen TV's and paddling pools.

Not quite as raucous as it's neighbour Houx Annex, Houx is more sensible but still an exciting place to be. Great people, great location and great fun.