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Very Open to the elements with no cover at all. This site is more suited to those who have campers or caravans, and wanting to be close to the action and the village.

Not much different to other sites such as Interieur Musee.

It has plenty of pitches and is situated down the slope towards the Bugatti circuit opposite the Dunlop bridge, It has expanded further into the Bugatti circuit these days.

The entrance is situated along the road from the Stella bar at Tertre Rouge just past team langoustines site

There are some facilities for the site being just toilets and showers near the entrance used by pedestrians, with a second block half way up the camp. these are poorly maintained and as such dont get used much.

Access is via the green car park zone near the stadium complex.

the camp site is inside the circuit and thus expect a search, I have had no problems taking cans in but I guess be careful.

The campsite itself is pretty well drained when there is heavy down-pours apart from one spot near the entrance

The site has plenty of regulars that turn up each year and this creates a nice atmosphere. The nationalities are also mixed and gives a good variety.

• There is a shower block but expect queues
• Toilet block is new, part of the entry complex and regularly cleaned
• There is electricity available but take a long extension lead.
• Refreshment supply is sporadic, over the years it had varied but never anything constant

Foot fall can be high as it has the main entry to the circuit from the tram and stadium entrance. The position does give great access to the circuit and also to wander over to KFC on the first chicane.

Overall the site suits us it’s quieter than Houx (although only separated by a wall and thus plenty of ‘background noise’) and close to all facilities. It does suit campervans and caravans as it’s reasonably flat with a good solid access road. We have had no security issues in the years of staying there as the ‘regulars’ look out for each other and it is near the entrance with constant security.

Courtesy of Ian Chicken