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I was on Blue Sud this year for the first time (having previously stayed on Houx Annexe). I found it a much quieter and subdued campsite in comparison which was good.

Showers were good all week (with a minor blood where it was cold water but that was on the hottest day so it didn't bother me at all) and queues for the loo or shower were never really that long, despite there only being 4 showers for the site.

We did have a bit of Mad Friday happening outside but it wasn't too bad and made for good entertainment watching through the fence - the crowd seemed quite respectable and if you didn't want to partake they seemed quite happy to let you through (which differed to the experience outside Houx last year).

There were empty pitches all week (we only had neighbours on 1 side for a couple of nights).

We had 2 of the pitches that ran alongside the road, I think you got a bit of extra space at the back of them but it was on a slope so wasn't really that useful. They're all marked out and numbered pitches.

I'll definitely be asking for pitches on here again when I go back.